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Two Pujas Does Not Equal A Happy Pregnant Woman

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tumblr_lsst8qKWyg1qbsvlto1_1280I hope everyone else had a wonderful holiday because I was majorly irritated by another overbearing aunty in my life – my mother-in-law. I mentioned before that my mom would like to host a puja for me to bless me in preparation for the baby. It needs to happen in the fifth, seventh or ninth month of pregnancy. I ruled the fifth month (my current month) out because it’s too soon after the holidays and the baby is still jinxable this early on! I know, I guess I’m a little superstitious myself. I also ruled out the last month because I really don’t want to deal with other visitors and prefer privacy, as I get closer to delivery.

That leaves the seventh month, which also happens to be the month my husband and I are traveling to NY for one last baby-free hurrah with my big city friends, and also when my dad has a milestone birthday. My mom and I discussed that it made most sense to invite the aunties over for the puja earlier in the day and then have a birthday party for my dad later in the evening.

A couple weeks ago my husband told me my mother-in-law expressed some interest in visiting us in the new year. She has mobility issues and after falling down and undergoing surgery last year, she’s been unable to travel long distances. But the trip from her home in the south to California where we live is doable. I told him it probably made sense for her to attend the puja and birthday party, so she could be there to bless me as well. Inwardly I cringe a little at the thought of her visiting – the last time she and my father-in-law came to visit things did not end well.

(UGH just picture two extroverts dealing with an introverted daughter-in-law. If I get up to go to the bathroom, it’s “Where’s Diya? Why did she leave? Why isn’t she spending time with us? We came here to see HER!”)

Anyway, my second day into my Christmas holiday with the in-laws, I wake up from a nap and this happens:

MIL: We do a seventh-month puja too, so you will have to come here.

Husband: Remember what I said mom? We’re also doing a birthday party for her dad.

MIL: Just like you do it for your family, this is what I do and you will come here.

Me: We’ll have to talk about it.

MIL: I’ll talk to your mother about it.

Me: Actually it’s me you need to talk to. OK I didn’t actually say this but I was thinking it!

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