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39 Easy Steps To Making A Healthy Green Smoothie While Holding A Baby

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Making Smoothies Is A Total HassleEveryone knows that green smoothies are the key to living a healthy, fiber-filled, bowel-happy, cancer-free, and also sparkly immortal life. Why wouldn’t you want to give your baby that same start? Here is a great beginner’s recipe for a smoothie your little ones will love.

Chef’s note: Feel free to experiment with the ingredients in this recipe. For example, any exhausted new mother will suffice, it is not necessary to have a parenting partner at hand, and you can include any number of babies or children.

Also, if any of these ingredients are non-local or non-organic, they will likely cause irreparable harm to your child, so, you know, LET THAT BE ON YOUR HEAD.


Green Smoothie in 39 Easy Steps



Eight cubes of honeydew melon

About two inches of cucumber, peeled

One apple, seeds removed and quartered, sliced

Handful of spinach

Slightly larger handful of kale (ALL HAIL KALE)

Four slices of frozen peaches

One cup almond milk

One New Mother, slightly awake

One Partner (optional)

One 11-month-old baby (Feel free to add other children as well)

One highly disruptive pet (We used a 70-pound, bull-headed, large doberman/pit/rottweiler mix with great results)

One wristwatch (waterproof, preferably)


Prep time: 45 minutes.

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