Study Says No One Is 100% Straight and People in Comments Are Not Happy

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Oh man, nothing gets people more riled up than scientific studies they don’t agree with! A new study out of Cornell University says that strict heterosexual people don’t exist. Rather, it’s more of a sexuality spectrum. In other words, no one is 100% straight. The research says that most of us get aroused by both genders (even if it is involuntary). As you can imagine, some men in the comments on the Daily Mail article are feeling VERY triggered, LOL.

The study claims that sexuality isn’t black or white. It’s a sexuality spectrum, so complete heterosexuality (or even homosexuality) doesn’t exist.

It’s an interesting concept, for sure. Lead author Ritch C Savin-Williams is a psychologist specializing in gender studies. For his study, he used volunteers that identified as either male or female. Participants were shown porn involving men and women, and their pupil dilation was measured as they watched each category. Pupil dilation is an indicator of sexual arousal.

During the study, women’s pupils dilated while watching women with men, and while watching women with women. And men’s pupils dilated while watching women masturbate, and while watching men masturbate. The data shows this happened regardless of the participant’s stated sexual preference.

The comments on the article about Savin-Williams’ study are, as you can imagine, full of butt-hurt (pun and it stays). I think women are generally more comfortable with the idea of bisexuality, but for men, nothing gets them madder than being told they aren’t as straight as the day is long.

sexuality spectrum

sexuality spectrum

Image: Daily Mail

Savin-Williams believes that our cultural narrative that women can experience sexual fluidity, but not men, could mean that many males are suppressing their innate sexual desires. He told Broadly, “Men have gotten so much cultural crap put on them that even if a man does have some sexual attraction to guys, they would never say it.”

Like I said, it’s a really interesting study. I think if people were more open to the possibility that sexuality is fluid, it wouldn’t piss off so many of them. In the meantime, it sure is fun to watch them squirm.

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