This Mom Ordered Her Daughter A Cute T-Shirt, But What She Got Will Crack You Up

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So, when you have kids, your wallet can take a major hit when it comes to clothing them. Those little suckers grow so fast, LOL. And maybe you’re the kind of parent who likes to keep your little ones looking fresh and cute in the latest styles! Nothing at all wrong with that. But that means you have to get a little bit smarter about how you shop. A lot of us turn to sites like AliExpress to buy stuff for our kids. Sure, the shipping can take forever, and you run the risk of getting something that looks like it could fit an actual doll. But when you’re paying $5 for a dress? Worth it. That is, until you run into the absolutely hilarious problem that this Illinois mom found herself dealing with. The item description isn’t always, uh, so descriptive.

Kelsey Dawn Williamson ordered her 3-year-old girl a cute shirt from AliExpress. She got the shirt! But it wasn’t what she was expecting.

What I ordered VS what I received.I fucking love China. I cannot stop screaming. WHO DOES THIS.Editing because I’ve…

Posted by Kelsey Dawn Williamson on Tuesday, May 28, 2019

We are CRYING. So, Kelsey ordered this adorable Frog and Toad shirt for $5 for her sweet girl Salem. Now, Frog and Toad, how offensive could they possibly be?! Well, as it turns out, it’s a pretty popular and frequently photoshopped meme, and “F*ck the Police” is one of the more popular sayings. And apparently, AliExpress sells the meme shirt (in kids sized, which is weird?), and Kelsey got a bit of a surprise her order arrived. Instead of the cute Frog and Toad shirt she ordered, she was sent one that says “F*ck the Police”. For her toddler to wear. Seriously, we are dying over this.

Kelsey was a good sport about it, and she and her husband had a good laugh. And then she shared it on Facebook, like anyone would have done.


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Honestly, it’s hilarious. But of course, because it’s the internet, people are being assholes! Kelsey’s post clears a few things up: “Editing because I’ve seen some nasty attitudes: SALEM IS 3 AND CAN’T READ. I DID NOT BUY THIS. THIS IS WHAT I WAS SENT. NO, SHE WONT WEAR IT IN PUBLIC. ‘Why would you take a picture??’ YOU WOULD TOO, DON’T BE A LIAR. Editing one more time: SHE SEES SPECIALISTS FOR HER WEIGHT. SHE CANT HELP IT. I CANT HELP IT. MY HUSBAND CANT HELP IT. IT IS OUT OF OUR CONTROL. JUST LAUGH AT THE FUNNY SHIRT.” We like Kelsey, lol. And we hope whomever was trolling a child and her parents over the girl’s appearance stubs their toe and loses their big toenail!

So, the lesson here is this: be careful when shopping on sites like AliExpress! But please, if you do get something like this in the mail, share it with the class. We love it.