Chrissy Teigen Can’t Post a Cute Baby Video Without Needing a Disclaimer for the Sanctimommies

 We don’t deserve Chrissy Teigen. While other celebrity moms appear to exist in an unearthly state of beatific perfection, Teigen is all over Instagram and Twitter showing all the weird, real aspects of parenting that the rest of us go through. She leaks through her shirt while breastfeeding. She has embarrassing public displays of new-mom paranoia. She’s wacky and ridiculous and charming, and parents love her because she seems like a “regular mom,” just like us! Well, not just like us, but more like what we think we’d be like if we were also rich and famous cookbook authors who are also Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover models.

The downside of showing the world all this realness, however, is that Teigen is a lightning rod for parent-shaming on Instagram. She gets snarked at for being naked sometimes, for not being married to her baby’s father (Teigen and John Legend have been married for years, but even if they weren’t, not being married is a stupid thing to shame a set of parents for), for being too big while pregnant, for not being big enough while pregnant, and for holding her own baby “wrong.”

Fortunately for the rest of us, the constant mom-shaming hasn’t put Teigen off from showing pictures of her super cute baby, Luna. It has, however, made Teigen gun-shy enough that she’s posting preemptive disclaimers on her photos.

Yesterday Teigen shared a super adorable picture of luna wearing a set of fuzzy, Carter’s footie pajamas and waving to her daddy. But instead of just writing, “We miss you, papa!! Can’t wait for you to come home!” Teigen had to add a disclaimer, preemptively telling people to shut up about Luna’s pink cheeks.

“Yes she has rosyeczema cheeks, yes we are taking care of it, no it’s not a gluten allergy, no it’s not our makeup, no it’s not from our perfume, yes she’s just a baby,” Teigen added. You can practically hear the exasperation rolling off those letters.

Some babies get eczema. A couple parents chimed in with comments about how their kids had eczema too, and how it’s just a normal baby thing. Some gave relatively innocuous product recommendations. One kid did well with Honest Co.’s cream, another with Aveeno’s. Still others chimed in with some odder suggestions, like one who says the eczema might be a sign of a vaccine injury, and one who said that putting an amber teething bracelet around her ankle would cure the eczema on her face.

Luna’s not even walking yet and Teigen’s already an old hand at defending herself from Internet busybodies who can’t just coo over the cute pictures and go on their merry way. At least it hasn’t put her off the photo-sharing, though, because it’s a good day when we get to see Luna throwing waving to her daddy or throwing a tantrum at Santa. It would be a very sad day if she decided to stop and the mommy-shamers ruined all the cute Luna pictures for the rest of us.

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