This Childless Guy Mansplained How to Raise Daughters and Twitter Did What It Does

Hey ladies, turns out we’ve been raising our girls all wrong! Thank goodness we have a dude to mansplain it, in this case, Slate’s Will Saletan. In response to Maxine Water’s viral “reclaiming my time” moment during a hearing conducted by the House Financial Services Committee, Saletan held up Waters as an example to our girls, but in the worst possible way and mansplained.

On Saturday, Saletan tweeted out this mansplained gem.

Jesus Christ, seriously? This man is, yet again, putting the burden of not being raped on the woman. God forbid we, you know, teach girls AND boys that no means no ”” inflection be damned.

Twitter and its beautiful users would. not. have. it, and immediately sprung into action doing what they do.

Preach it, FakeEmily65.

Yep, it literally is.



Despite receiving almost three thousand responses to his tweet, Saletan kept going and mansplained more.

Aw! “Outrage Twitter” hurt his delicate feels! Poor guy. He was just trying to give us all unsolicited parenting advice and we had to go and take it the wrong way!

But, guess who finally did get through to Saletan? If your answer is “a man,” then 20 points to your house!

We were being firm
Image: Twitter / @saletan

Hey Will, maybe you should take your own advice: when thousands of women tell you, firmly, that you are wrong? You should know they mean business.

(Image: iStock / DanielBendjy)

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