Chrissy Teigen Just Ran Half-Naked Through a Hotel with a Baby, Because New-Mom Paranoia Is Real

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There’s nothing like having a baby to completely re-wire your worldview. One day you’re like, “La, la, la, maybe I’ll go bungee jumping. I’m hip and adventurous and life is for living! I am in a tampon commercial. Whee!”

And the next minute someone hands you a baby and you’re like, “Oh my God, the entire planet is a death trap!”

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That phase can last anywhere from a few hours to several years, and it probably explains why supermodel Chrissy Teigen just ran through the lobby of a Los Angeles hotel carrying her two-month-old baby and wearing only a towel and screaming, “Where’s my purse?!” during a totally non-mandatory fire drill.

Luckily for us, Teigen likes sharing her weird stories on Snapchat, and yesterday she admitted that when she heard the fire alarms go off in her hotel, she completely panicked, grabbed the baby, and ran screaming from the room.

Now, the day before the drill, the hotel had actually informed all the guests–including Teigen–that there was going to be a fire drill at the hotel. She knew about this in advance. But then she forgot, as one does on occasion, and as soon as she heard the alarms go off she went straight into New Mom Panic Mode.

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I can relate. I’m sure there are plenty of tough, reasonable women out there who would not completely panic and run screaming from a building at the sound of a predictable, scheduled alarm, but I am not one of them. I think I hallucinated the sound of a baby crying literally every time I tried to take a shower or brush my teeth or do anything in the bathroom while my newborn was sleeping. Seriously, I’d run the water, and somewhere in the sound of the water I would hear the baby screaming. I have no idea how many times I ran soaking wet out of the shower just to see the baby sleeping in her crib and my husband sitting in a chair looking at me like, “I thought you were going to take a shower?”

After the whole ordeal, a chagrined Teigen posted a short video thanking everyone for their support and prayers during this very difficult ordeal, while her mother cracks up in the background.

I think the best part of the whole thing, though, is the way Teigen’s mother is standing behind her in her Snapchat videos with the amused resignation of someone who has totally been there.