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Hilary Duff Shades Disney+ After Love, Simon Series Is Axed For ‘Adult Themes’ Like Exploring Sexuality

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Lizzie McGuire Axed Same Fate As Love Simon on DisneyPlus

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Is DisneyPlus stuck in the past? It sure seems like it. The streaming service announced that they’d opted not to distribute the Love, Simon TV series, called Love, Victor and instead pushed it to Hulu.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, DisneyPlus thought that some of the themes explored in a coming-of-age gay series like Love, Victor, like the exploration of sexuality and sexual identities, alcohol experimentation, and marital issues among the teens’ parents, wouldn’t be a fit for a family-friendly streaming service.

Apparently, all of this feels like deja vu for Hilary Duff, who began filming the Lizzie McGuire reboot for DisneyPlus before it was placed ‘indefinitely’ on hold when The Mouse and the show’s director, Terry Minsky, were not seeing eye-to-eye about the trajectory of the Lizzie McGuire reboot.

Hilary took to her Instagram Stories to respond to the Love, Simon news, writing that Disney pulling the show for not fitting its family-friendly brand “sounds familiar.”

While DisneyPlus’s The Mandalorian was a huge success with the streaming service’s launch and created the icon that is Baby Yoda, it’s otherwise seen shaky reception for its originals. That said, nostalgic Disney fans love the streamer for the Disney Channel Original Series like Even Stevens and Hannah Montana.

The first ten episodes of Love, Victor will appear on Hulu with the writers’ room already reportedly feeling confident about starting to brainstorm ideas for season two — and hopefully some sort of agreement can be made for the Lizzie McGuire revival, too.