Chrissy Teigen’s Baby Bump Brings Out the Body-Shaming Trolls, Because Even Supermodels Can’t Be Pregnant in Peace

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(Photo: Instagram/ChrissyTeigen)

Being pregnant is tough. Not only is it physically arduous, but you’re judged, shamed, and picked at from all angles by complete strangers who think they have voting rights over your body. Sports Illustrated cover model Chrissy Teigen learned that this week when she posted a photo of her pregnant stomach, and some of her followers took that opportunity to start calling her fat and trying to guess at the contents of her uterus.

“Somebody is early to the party,” Teigen wrote alongside a photo of her stomach, which is now visibly pregnant. Teigen, who is reportedly somewhere in her second trimester, appears to be nonplussed by the popping of her “baby bump,” but she looks pretty darn fantastic. (Also, can we talk about how luxurious the bathtub behind her looks? It would be so great to have that around while pregnant.)

Unfortunately, some of the commenters on Teigen’s Instagram account think she looks “too big” for as far along as she is and instantly started telling the supermodel that she is actually carrying twins.

“Uh @ChrissyTeigen from the looks of that bump, I think u might be expecting twins!! Isn’t it kinda early to be already shown like that?” one follower tweeted.

Unfortunately, the rest of Teigen’s evening appears to have consisted of complete strangers telling her that she is pregnant with twins, despite the fact that she said she was definitely only hosting a single fetus.




It is utterly ridiculous. Not only is Chrissy Teigen a supermodel and still extremely slim, she is a pregnant woman. If there is ever a time a lady should be immune from body-snarking, it is while she is pregnant. (I realize that anybody who has ever been pregnant probably just spit out their coffee right now, because there is nothing like being pregnant to make random strangers seep out of the walls to ask how much you weigh and if you should really be eating that.)

Teigen explained to her followers that she had IVF and only put one embryo in, and that she has ultrasounds every few days and is 100-percent positive that she is not carrying twins, still, the armchair OBGYNs continue their stream of unsolicited diagnoses.

Luckily, this is Chrissy Teigen we’re talking about, not some shrinking violet with a public relations manager watching over her Twitter account. Chrissy Teigen does not take shit or mince words when attacked on Twitter. She finally snapped back, “Get out of my uterus!!”


Teigen has thrown up her hands and says she’s given up pregnancy tweeting and will just be talking about food and reality TV for the remainder of her pregnancy. A person can’t blame her. At the rate Teigen’s comments are going, people are going to be insisting that her child is actually two children when she is pushing it around Los Angeles in a stroller.

Once again the world needs a refresher on acceptable comments to make about pregnant women’s bodies. The only acceptable comments are:

1. “You look awesome!”

2. “Would you like some ice cream?”

Unless you are a woman’s doctor, it is not appropriate to tell her that she is carrying twins, triplets, or magical elephant babies. Just stick to the classics: Awesome, and ice cream.