This Pool Float That Looks Like a Maxi Pad Is a Major Fail

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If you like bathroom humor but a giant poop emoji isn’t your idea of a good summer inflatable, we have good news: you can now float around in your pool on a giant maxi pad! Okay, technically, it isn’t a giant maxi pad, but it looks exactly like one, leaving us to wonder why?? And how??

The pool float first came into the public’s consciousness this week when a picture of it was shared on Reddit, but it achieved viral status after Twitter user Jillian David tweeted out an extremely valid point:

maxi pad, maxi fun!

Image: Twitter / @JillianDavid13

Seriously though!!! How did not one. single. person. say, “Hey guys…you know what this looks like?” before it was mass-produced and put on the market?

But lest you think this is just some crazy prank, the “Aquaria Pasadena Pool Float” is actually available for sale on Amazon and at Sam’s Club. The description of the float on the Sam’s Club website even reads like a feminine hygiene product.

The Aquaria Pasadena Pool Float has a fun marbleized design, luxuriously soft, durable and Made in the USA.

But will it keep me dry all day in the pool?

Of course, the internet had jokes, because that is what the internet does best.

one day of my period

Image: Twitter / @ChachiBobinks

bring this with you

Image: Twitter / @jendaviswilson

50 foot woman

Image: Twitter / @BranePowerGuy

it absorbs all day

Image: Twitter / @fanmomaf

Thank you, internet. We needed that smile today!