These Are the Most Expensive Sports for Kids

Getting your child involved in a sport or extracurricular activity is something a lot of parents make a priority. They’re a great way to build confidence and teach kids how to function on a team. Plus, they can be a lot of fun! But many parents underestimate the financial commitments of many of the most popular kid sports. Some sports can be incredibly expensive to play! If you’re thinking about getting your child involved in a sport or activity, you’ll want to check out this breakdown of the most expensive sports for kids. It’s important to know what you’re getting into before you get started.

Not surprisingly, the most expensive sports for kids tend to be those that require a lot of equipment.

Some sports, like soccer and baseball, can be a lot more affordable. You don’t need much to get started, and a lot of the equipment they use is shared with the team. But some sports require participants so buy their own specialized equipment. And those costs can get really high, really fast.

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According to a survey study conducted by the Utah State University, some families are spending as much as 10% of their income on sports! Once you factor in gear and equipment, league fees, camps, travel, and training, what started as a fun activity can quickly become a huge financial commitment.

According to the survey, the most expensive sport for kids is lacrosse, which can cost on average close to $8,000 a year. On the high end, some families spend as much as $17,500 annually on the sport. Hockey comes in second, with the average cost hitting right around $7,000, and a high cost of $19,000. That’s a car! Baseball and softball also made the list, with an average cost of $4,000. Football, with all those pads and whatnot, will set the average family back about¬† $2,700. Soccer and basketball are the least expensive sports in the survey, costing on average $1,470 and $1,140 respectively.

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But some of the most expensive sports for kids don’t require any equipment at all!

At least, none you have to buy. Take gymnastics, for example. Weekly classes might seem like no big deal, but if your kid exhibits or develops a real talent for the sport, you shoot right into the major money bracket. Those weekly lessons become daily lessons. Add to that the cost of private coaching, training, camps, and fees and travel for competition? You’re looking at several thousand dollars a year, at least.

Extracurricular activities are awesome, but they shouldn’t put you in the poor house! If your kid has an interest in any of the most expensive sports for kids, you better hope it’s short-lived. Or start saving that coffee money! You’re going to need it.

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