Father Charged With Locking Daughter In Dog Cage, Threatening To Electrocute Her

It is mind-blowing how some people are actually allowed to call themselves parents when they behave like this Ohio dad who allegedly taped up his daughter’s hands and feet, locked her in a dog cage and then threatened to electrocute her. According to reports, James Tapke, 41, has been charged with child endangering after punishing his 12-year-old daughter in such a cruel manner.

Tapke’s attorney, Christopher Jackson, called the incident “horseplay” and a joke that “got out of control.” But not everyone’s buying it. (Actually, who would buy it?)

Police said the girl’s 13-year-old brother let her out of the dog cage after around 20 minutes but that Tapke put her back in after she poured water on his head. He then placed an electrical jumper pack outside the cage and told his daughter he could use it to electrify her. Police also said the girl’s grandmother helped her remove the duct tape.

In case you’re wondering how this incident came to light, I would imagine it had something to do with the girl’s brother taking pictures of his sister while she was in the cage and then posting them to Facebook. (They were later deleted.)

It reminds me of a similar case that happened last month in Chicago when a 21-year-old man was arrested after posting to Facebook a photo of his 1-year-old daughter bound with duct tape. The photo was accompanied by the caption, “This is wut (sic) happens when my baby hits me back.” (The man was promptly charged with aggravated domestic battery.)

In this case, Tapke was charged and later released on $50,000 bond. The children are staying with their grandparents.

(Photo: nydailynews.com)

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