Chrissy Teigen Attacked for ‘Out-of-Wedlock’ Pregnancy, and It’s the Perfect Time for the Middle-Finger Emoji

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bitchytweetThere’s nothing like being a pregnant woman and a public figure to get all the shaming, judgmental busybodies crawling out of the woodwork. Chrissy Teigen knows that well. Since announcing her pregnancy she’s been slut-shamed for being a mother who is naked sometimes, size-shamed for being too small, and size-shamed for being too big. Dozens of people on the Internet messaged her to inform her that she was carrying twins, despite ample evidence from her actual doctor and copious ultrasounds. It must be very frustrating to be pregnant Chrissy Teigen, and over Christmas some Twitter user decided to attack her for, of all things, not being married.

“@CNN @chrissyteigen @johnlegend doesn’t anyone get married anymore before starting a family? #marriage #responsibility #love #family #baby…” wrote the Twitter user going by the name Regina Karoscik, who purports to care a lot about babies and family and responsibility, but still had plenty of time on Christmas Eve to tweet judgmental things at pregnant celebrities instead of caroling or wassailing or whatever it is that “good” family women do on the holidays.

The comment was inappropriate and ridiculous to start with–A marriage license is not a requirement for conception, nor is it any of the business of random people on Twitter. But it is especially absurd because Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have been married since 2013. They got married in Italy and the bride wore an enormous Vera Wang gown.

This would have been a perfect time for Teigen to make use of that middle-finger emoji, but instead she gave it the personal touch and sent a photo:


I love Chrissy Teigen when she is confronting attackers on social media, and this particular response is perfect. Not only is a middle finger the best response to that kind of obnoxious assholery, she used her left hand, so she delivered both a middle finger and a photo of her gigantic celebrity engagement ring. Not married? I’m pretty sure space aliens saw the glint off that thing and know she’s married now.

I’m constantly impressed by Teigen’s willingness to engage with her Twitter attackers, especially now that she’s pregnant and getting this kind of stuff every damn day. Over the weekend her Twitter followers even started playing doctor and diagnosing her with breast cancer due to what she called an “armpit fat shadow.” This sort of thing must be exhausting, and if it’s this bad now, just imagine how crazy it is going to be the first time she takes the baby outside without a hat on.