Grab The Popcorn: The Best And Worst Breastfeeding Moments Of 2014

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2014 was a year packed with the endless shaming and humiliation of breastfeeding and pumping women, with a couple of bright spots in between. Strap on your nursing bras and let’s look back on the past year in boobs and nips.

1. Woman breastfeeding while covered at K-Mart sent to the bathroom. 

Ah, let’s kick off this long line of “please do that in the bathroom” stories with this gem from Oklahoma, where breastfeeding is perfectly legal. Angelica Williams was feeding her 3-month-old McKenzie while waiting to checkout, and using a cover to boot. And yet!

Conclusion: BOO.

2. Mom breastfeeds at her college graduation and no one trolls her. Huh?

Jacci Sharkey shared a photo of herself breastfeeding at her graduation from the University of the Sunshine Coast, and the internet responded with…kindness.

breastfeeding graduate

The picture, shared on the university’s Facebook page, went viral and garnered comments like:


Conclusion: YAY!

3. World’s Worst Hospital Calls Security On Breastfeeding Mom

A woman was asked not to breastfeed in her pediatrician’s office in a hospital, because – oh right! – the world is horrible and filled with garbage humans.

breastfeeding-facebook-pediatrician office


4. Nurse-In Staged After Anthropologie Shames Breastfeeding Mom Off Store Floor And Onto A Toilet

breastfeeding anthropologie

Ingrid Wiese Hesson was shopping at Anthropologie in Los Angeles with her 6-week-old. After dropping $700 on flowy things, she went to breastfeed on one of their giant couches and was asked to move “off the sales floor.” The good news is that a bunch of women warriors rose up and staged a nurse in, because nobody puts babies in the corner.

Conclusion: Shop at Madewell.

5 . Breastfeeding woman kicked out of restaurant for ordering a beer and a Fireball shot


Crystal McCullough was asked to leave Big Woody’s restaurant in Virginia after customers complained about her nursing her baby and drinking a beer while doing so. Ah, the magical double-shame! Nice work, jerks.

Conclusion: Next round’s on me, for nursing moms only.

6. Restaurant Critic Mentions Breastfeeding Mom In Review

A restaurant critic for the Courier Journal included this mom-shaming moment in her review of an Argentinian steak house, because seeing a woman breastfeed in public totally changes the flavor of food: 

”I’m all for mothers (I am one) and I’m all for eschewing baby formula for the real thing. But I wish the nursing mother at an adjoining table would have thought to bring a cover-up or would not have assumed that other diners would welcome being that close to what is undeniably a natural and loving bonding experience. However, Palermo Viejo is the kind of place where guests feel comfortable to be themselves and revel in the togetherness that’s fostered by a much beloved neighborhood restaurant. That’s a good thing, but so is a cover-up.”

Conclusion: This idiot review made me lose my appetite.

7. Victoria’s Secret Employee Told Mom She Had To Breastfeed In An Alley

After spending $150 at a Victoria’s Secret in Austin, Texas, Ashley Clawson asked to breastfeed her son in a dressing room at the store. Instead she was directed by a salesperson to breastfeed in an ALLEY behind the building “where no one usually goes.”

Conclusion: A store that’s all about supporting boobs should know better.

8. Breastfeeding Woman Gets Harassed At Starbucks, Awesome Teen Barista Comes To The Rescue

A woman breastfeeding at Starbucks was met with kindness from a male teen barista after a customer complained and asked staff to tell her to cover up.

Breastfeeding in Starbucks

 Conclusion: My love for this kid could fill a Trenta cup.

9. Breastfeeding Mother Shamed As Principal Writes A Letter Asking Her To ”˜Use Discretion’

A principal at a middle school wrote this eloquent shame speech delivered to a mom breastfeeding on school property.

principal letter breastfeeding shaming 2

 Conclusion: Someone needs a lesson in breastfeeding laws.

10. Cafe Demands Women Breastfeed In Toilet, Gives New Meaning To Sh**ting Where You Eat

One restaurant in the UK went so far as to post a sign demanding that groups of breastfeeding customers nurse their kids in their disabled bathroom. This leads to a lot of unanswered questions like: Where are the disabled customers supposed to pee, and what’s their beef with groups of breastfeeding women? Do they circle the cafe like packs of ravenous wild dogs, hangry for a place to chug tea and nurse?


 Conclusion: Time for a nurse in.

11. A Roomful Of Lawyers Can’t Figure Out That Keeping A New Mom From Breastfeeding During The Bar Is Illegal

There’s a reason it’s often impossible for women to “lean in” — idiots like these lawyers make it really hard for us to have it all. A woman taking the bar asked for accommodations  – a private room and extra time – so that she may pump during the exam. She was denied, and advised to pump in the bathroom. of course.

Conclusion: Being an a-hole toward breastfeeding and pumping women should be against the law.

12. Kind patron pays for breastfeeding mom’s meal and leaves a lovely note

Let’s end on a good note, shall we? A Mommyish reader emailed us this awesome note she received at a restaurant, from a fellow patron who also paid for her meal.

2_Nursing-Note 2

Conclusion: MORE OF THIS IN 2015 PLEASE.

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