You Won’t Believe How This Woman Was Treated For Breastfeeding In A Restaurant

In a year filled with stories of women being shamed for breastfeeding in public or sent to cafe restrooms, this story, sent to us by a reader, filled our sassy mom hearts with immense joy. Turns out: there are some decent people in the world who don’t mind seeing your boobs in public.

Reader Emily sent us this heartwarming note she received while out to dinner, from another patron at the restaurant.

2_Nursing Note

It reads: “I noticed you breastfeeding in public & I think that’s awesome and admirable. Pay it forward. Happy Holidays.”

Emily tells us that the woman also paid for her family’s meal, which is, for lack of better words, really effing awesome. The mistreatment of women breastfeeding in public is so rampant, that such a kind gesture is genuinely shocking to us.

Here’s what happened in her words:

This note that was left in my check when I went out to dinner last night near my home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The waitress brought over the check and our meal was already paid for by a kind customer who had noticed me nursing my 6 month old son at the restaurant. When I thanked her later, she said that she works in a restaurant and never sees people openly nursing and thought it was great. I sometimes worry about having to defend my right to nurse when feeding my baby in public, since you typically hear about women being harassed or asked to leave/cover themselves.  I definitely never expected this response! This was so heartwarming and I look forward to doing something to support another mom.
This gives us a nice little jolt of faith that there are some truly wonderful people out there in the world. We applaud this random act of pro-breastfeeding, pro-mom kindness. Maybe we’ll even try to do this sometime, too. Thanks for sharing this, Emily! Happy holidays to you, and all you lovely Mommyish readers. May we continue to applaud women for whipping their boobs out at restaurants in 2015.

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