President Of Argentina Adopts Boy To Prevent Him From Becoming A Werewolf, Seriously

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argentina-president-werewolfBecoming a parent means worrying about one’s children. Will they be happy? Will they be healthy? Will they turn into werewolves? Luckily, there’s a solution for that last one, and to prevent one nice young man from turning into a werewolf, the President of Argentina has adopted him as her godson.

According to The Independent, Argentinian folklore holds that the seventh son born to a family is at risk for becoming a “lobison,” or a monstrous creature that turns into a wolf, eats dead bodies, and devours babies. The change reportedly happens on the first Friday after the boy’s 13th birthday, and in 1907 Argentina established the practice of having the President adopt such boys as godsons to prevent them from turning into monsters. While seventh children are not so common these days, the practice persists as a pretty cool old tradition, and parents of seventh children can apply to become the president’s godchildren.

Being the godson of the president also comes with a gold medal and an educational scholarship for life, which are pretty big perks, though they pale in comparison with the perk of not becoming a werewolf.

While the tradition originally applied only to Catholic boys, in 1973 the practice was extended to baby girls as well, and in 2009 it was reportedly extended to non-Catholic children.

This week, President Christina Fernández de Kirchner became the godmother to Yair Tawil, a young Jewish man who is his parents’ seventh son. He’s the first Jewish man to be adopted under the anti-werewolf tradition, as it previously only applied to Catholic children.

Tawil’s parents first applied for the adoption back in 1993 and it was only just granted, so he’s well past the age of 13, but in spite of the delay he has been a very well-behaved werewolf and has not exhibited an inclination to turn into a wolf at the full moon.

As weird traditions go, having the president adopt godchidren to keep them from becoming werewolves is a pretty cool and ultimately harmless one.

But the biggest lesson to take away from all this is that Werewolf Bar Mitzvah is real:


Boys becoming men! Men becoming wolves!

Photo: Twitter/CFKArgentina, YouTube