These Are The Very Best Mom Clapbacks Ruling The Internet

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Even though many blame the internet, it’s our opinion that moms have been getting trolled since time immemorial. Why? Nobody knows. It’s one of life’s great, irritating mysteries. Maybe it’s because the job is just so damn big people think moms should take whatever crumb of knowledge falls their way. Maybe it’s because some people out there have no sense of survival and therefore don’t know when to keep their unwelcome opinions to themselves. Seriously, who thinks- look there’s a sleep deprived, worried, over-stressed lady. She probably wants to hear me critique her choices. Jerks, that’s who.

But if you enjoy seeing these jerks (IE internet trolls) get their comeuppance, this article’s here for you. People too often forget that moms come in many varieties. One of those varieties are women who take exactly zero shit. We love them for it and need to live vicariously through them on days we’ve taken (or wiped) more than our fair share of shit. Here’s some of the most epic mom clapbacks on the internet. These are truly gems, and they often include things all moms out there should remember. Moming is hard. Despite the loudness of trolls, it’s good to know you’re not in it alone.

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