Café Demands Women Breastfeed In Toilet, Gives New Meaning To Sh**ting Where You Eat

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A café in Britain is under fire and apologizing for posting a sign that demands groups of breastfeeding women must nurse their babies in their “spacious disabled toilet.” Mmmmmm, that sounds like the dreamiest place to be suckled, doesn’t it, ladies? I love sharing intimate feedings with my child right next to the spot where some dude just took a dump. Motherhood!

Titled “A Polite Notice For The Comfort Of All Customers,” the note on the door of the Tillings Café reads: “We have baby changing facilities in our spacious disabled toilet. There is also a chair nearby which can be taken inside for mothers who are breastfeeding. We reserve the right to ask GROUPS of breastfeeding mothers to use this facility instead of breastfeeding at the table.”

Ah yes, the elusive packs of feral breastfeeding women, who travel in the wild in groups for strength and safety, and whip out their giant, dripping breasts in unison whenever they damn well please. They can be contained, dear restaurant owners, but only if you herd them into your spacious disabled toilet, where they may feed their young and discuss their sore nipples in secrecy, so that they may not offend your more civilized patrons. But be warned! The groups are aggressive, and members will fight for the right to nurse in your lone nearby chair.

I will say this – it’s great that the cafe has a changing table, as I’ve been in many a restaurant with nary a changing table in sight. Plopping your poop-covered kid down on the disgusting floor of a Hometown Buffet with a nothing but a thin changing pad underneath her is a humbling experience, to say the least. I’d also say that it’s nice they have made a space available for moms who may want to breastfeed their kid in private, next to…a toilet. Sure, put a chair in your bathroom. Maybe someone will want to you use it. No harm, no foul.

But you can not force a woman – alone or in a pack of other breastfeeders – to go into a bathroom to breastfeed. Not only is it insensitive and gross – it’s ILLEGAL in the UK. The café has apologized, after the sign circulated on social media. Their owner said,

“Tillings can only apologize for a huge miscommunication. We have had many happy breastfeeding mums in our café in the three years we have been open and we continue to support breastfeeding. We have never and would never ask anyone to stop breasting in the café, nor leave the café. We are a small independent family-owned business and we try to do our best to look after all of our customers. Being human we can make mistakes and if we have offended anyone in trying to establish an option for more private feeding facilities we can only apologize and ask for your help in telling us what we might do to support the breastfeeding cause.”

Hopefully they’ll be more welcoming all those groups of breastfeeding women who come in looking for a cozy place to sip tea and nurse. After all, it’s the polite thing to do.

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