Another Breastfeeding Mother Shamed As Principal Writes A Letter Asking Her To ‘Use Discretion’

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Breastfeeding is legal, there is no disputing that fact. But as long as the milk has to flow freely from the nipple – which is, of course, forever – there will be someone who has a problem with it. People do not like nipples – they especially do not like their own children exposed to nipples. That’s basically what one principal said to a breastfeeding mother taking advantage of the school’s summer lunch program.



“I personally recognize the beauty of a mother providing for her child, but would also not want my child exposed to public exposure without the opportunity to discuss it with them.” So discuss it – and leave this mother alone. It’s really as simple as, “Hey Junior. Babies need milk to survive, and milk comes from a mother’s boobs. So if you see a mother pulling out her boob to feed her child – it’s the most natural thing in the world and really no big deal. Don’t stare.”

Andrea Scannell was handed the letter by a school employee from Mount Logan Middle School in Utah. Principal, Mike Monson wrote it. I find it hilarious that he didn’t have the balls to pass it on to her himself. I bet you anything he made a female employee do it.  Scannel’s husband uploaded the picture to Reddit, aka the birthplace of viral photos.

“This kind of shaming, this kind of bullying, it prevents other breastfeeding women from going out in public, from feeding their baby,” she told Fox13. I totally agree. Not all women would be comfortable standing up for themselves in this situation and may avoid it totally for fear of some backlash. The Superintendent didn’t help much, saying that although he understands the rights of breastfeeding mothers, he hopes they “would be more sensitive to the needs of others.” What about the needs of their child?

I know everyone thinks it’s no big deal to just cover up while you’re breastfeeding, but some children really don’t stand for it. My son didn’t mind at all, but I couldn’t use a cover with my daughter to save my life. She pulled it off every single time. Apart from that, women should not need to be obsessing over this. It’s natural. It’s normal. People really need to get over this and just look away if they have a problem.

Nipples. They’re here to stay. Deal with it.

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