Nurse-In Staged After Anthropologie Shames Breastfeeding Mom Off Store Floor And Onto A Toilet

A floor manager at Anthropologie allegedly forced a customer off the store floor after she began nursing in what was probably one of their lovely, totally overpriced shabby-chic chairs. Ingrid Wiese-Hesson’s 6-week-old started to fuss, so she did what any mother who just spent $700 in a store would do – relax for a minute in the glow of their AC and feed her child.That’s when the manager arrived to save the day and tell her where she would be most comfortable.

On the toilet.

From CBS Los Angeles:

”The exact words to me were ”˜I’m here to escort you to the ladies room so that you can finish breastfeeding’,” Wiese-Hesson said. ”She opened up the bathroom, and she said ”˜sorry, there’s no chair’, and of course the only thing in the bathroom was the toilet seat.”

Wiese-Hesson left the store, but called the manager a few hours later to ask him what the hell had just happened. His response was, “well, there are other customers in the store, and I thought that you would be more comfortable, and they would be more comfortable, if you were to leave the sales floor.”

Aw, how sweet. It was all about the breastfeeding mom’s comfort. Clearly a toilet seat is more comfortable than a $3,000 chair. To make matters even more ridiculous, Wiese Hesson was breastfeeding under a cover. She took to Facebook – everyone’s favorite revenge move – to complain about the incident:

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 6.45.55 AM


Public breastfeeding is legal in California, so the fact that she spent $700 is neither here nor there, but it does make the story a little more annoying; Thanks for the money! Now off to the toilet with your indecent self!  Within a day, dozens of breastfeeding moms organized and showed up at the entrance of Anthropologie and poured into the store to proudly nurse their babies:


Just stop making a big deal about this, world, and women won’t be forced to show up en masse and disturb a quiet day of shopping in Beverly Hills.

These stories always shock me because there are just so many of them. I feel like I’m writing a story about a breastfeeding mother being shamed almost every day. I guess the general public doesn’t read mom sites or understand that breastfeeding mothers are going to get pissed if you treat them like they are not fit for public consumption. I’m always happy when I see protests like this go down, because – whatever it takes. I’m behind anything that spreads awareness so breastfeeding women can stop being constantly harassed.

(photos: Facebook)

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