Facebook Page ‘BAN Breastfeeding NOW’ Is The Most Epic Trolling Of Parents Ever

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breastfeeding-pageOh man. There’s a new Facebook page called BAN Breastfeeding NOW and it’s basically the most massive case of trolling that’s ever graced the internet.

Let me say upfront that I am a huge proponent of breastfeeding (if that’s what a woman wants and if it works for her, her baby and her family) and I think it should be supported at all times at all facets of society. So, I admit that for about two seconds I had a tiny miniscule bit of righteous anger bubble up inside me when I saw this page, but then I spent some more time actually looking at the ridiculous hyperbole. And I cracked up.

I mean, the BAN Breastfeeding NOW page calls breasts “sin sacs” and “sexy sacs,” has dubbed breastmilk “mummymuck,” and refers to breastfeeding as “mouth raping.” There is no way that this terminology is in any way meant to be taken seriously, even by the most sanctimonious and sensitive of lactivists.

Their rhetoric is CLEARLY meant to rile people up. This is their status from November 2nd:

“…and The LORD said, all those who suckle from the teat of a she-beast, and all those who allow a swaddled babe to suckle from their teats in the name of sustenance, shall be condemned to the fiery depths for eternity. For they are wicked of heart, and guilty of an act so vile, so evil, so perverse, that they are surely akin to The Fallen Angel himself.” From the Book of Zekahdius, 33:14-18.

LOL. And another, from October 27th:

In this day and age, when we have wonderful companies such as Nestlé making wholesome babyfood, full of all the nutrients that baby needs (more so than breastmilk), why are some people still so backward thinking as to believe that breast is anything other than beastly?

The mind boggles, it really does.

If that isn’t epic trolling, I don’t know what is, especially since boycotting Nestle is a huge and ongoing movement within the breastfeeding community. Whoever is behind this page (4chan?) obviously knows who their audience is.

And OMG, their images and infographics. Take a look:


Caption: “This is a baby three seconds after being breastfed”





Of course, people are all sorts of offended and leaving outraged comments on the page’s wall and on every picture and status. It’s interesting that whoever admins the page has chosen Facebook as their medium, since Facebook is notoriously (and needlessly, in my opinion) difficult about breastfeeding photos, but it doesn’t look they’ve had any trouble displaying images of actual breastfeeding mothers, although the page has been reported as offensive a number of times.

I get that satire is a dying art these days, but how can people really think that whoever admins this page wants breastfeeding banned? It’s SO over-the-top and SO broad and SO absurd. There is not even one ounce—pun intended—of subtlety present on the page. Surprisingly, there’s not even any negative content about breastfeeding in public on the page, something that’s always a cause of controversy.

I will say that there is a detectable strain of misogyny on BAN Breastfeeding NOW, despite its satirical cleverness. In particular, I was shocked to see that the page republished the photo of Rihanna after she was assaulted by Chris Brown, accompanied by some kind of comment about stupidity. To me, that’s unacceptable. The kind of humor they’re working with is best when it’s completely and continually ridiculous, not patently offensive woman-blaming rhetoric. That’s why I have to say that I’m not 100% on board with the page. Tongue-in-cheek infographics about the rates of crimes related to breastfeeding = good. Misogynistic arguments that women deserve violence perpetrated against them = very very very bad.

Photos: BAN Breastfeeding NOW Facebook page