Great Bathing Suits For Your Saggy Mom Boobs

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If you don’t have ravaged, saggy, sad mom boobs than back right on up out of this post right now. I don’t want to hear a word about how yours are still perky and stayed the same and just, STFU. My brethren, fellow owners of Saggy Mom Boobs, gather round. You know who you are. If you have ever stared in the mirror at your tangerines in socks and cried like I have then you can be part of my Saggy Mom Boobs Club. I am totally ok with mine (especially now that I get to keep them) but I do like to find clothing that helps to not only support them, but to make them look amazing in the face of a total of two years of nursing and 18 months of pregnancy damage. Out of everything that changed for me physically after having my kids the way my boobs looked was most distressing to me. They were always large to begin with and pregnancy and nursing did nothing to help. I have become somewhat of a pro over the years at finding flattering bathing suits that also fit and support a large/saggy bust because I refuse to wear an old Granny Muu-Muu all summer. So for all of you fine moms, I have found some adorable selections that will keep you contained when you chase your little ones on the beach and make you feel super smoking hot at the same time. Behold:


1. Halter Tops Are Great For Saggy Mom Boobs


2. Ruching Is Great Too- Supportive And Flattering


3. Support Made Especially For Saggy Milk Bags


4. One Shoulder Strap Helps Distract From Your Sad Boobs


5. Halter Straps Plus Cups Equals Hot

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