8 Breastfeeding Covers That Will Make Everyone Around You More Comfortable

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There’s so much news lately about women breastfeeding in public and people being shocked and offended by it. I really feel the need to perform sort of a public service to let people know that there are several breastfeeding cover-ups out there that will make everyone around you more comfortable.

It’s very awkward and uncomfortable to be breastfeeding and have some people stare at you and give you dirty looks. This is why I have taken the time to round up some of the most effective covers I could find, that will make the experience of breastfeeding in public more comfortable for everyone.

1. The Basic


ostill/ Shutterstock

Look at this! No fancy material, no excessive heat – you are totally in control of what you see. Not leering at a breastfeeding woman has never been easier!

2. The Fancy


focal point/ Shutterstock

I’m so fancy! You already kno-ow – your boobs are so distracting, I can’t get my laundry done. Hummed to Iggy Azalea’s Fancy, obviously.

3. The Nap


Kill two birds with one stone; hide your offended eyes and catch a few Z’s. Being offended for no reason has never been more relaxing.

4. The Disposable


Umkehrer/ Shutterstock

Don’t you hate it when you are at a restaurant trying to eat in peace and someone across the room or at a neighboring table has the NERVE to feed her hungry infant? How can you enjoy your meal while that is going on? Carry around one of these disposable breastfeeding cover-ups (aka masking tape) and eat your meal undisturbed – as nature intended.

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