8 Breastfeeding Covers That Will Make Everyone Around You More Comfortable

There’s so much news lately about women breastfeeding in public and people being shocked and offended by it. I really feel the need to perform sort of a public service to let people know that there are several breastfeeding cover-ups out there that will make everyone around you more comfortable.

It’s very awkward and uncomfortable to be breastfeeding and have some people¬†stare at you and give you dirty looks. This is why I have taken the time to round up some of the most effective covers I could find, that will make the experience of breastfeeding in public more comfortable for everyone.

1. The Basic

ostill/ Shutterstock

Look at this! No fancy material, no excessive heat – you are totally in control of what you see. Not leering at a breastfeeding woman has never been easier!

2. The Fancy

focal point/ Shutterstock

I’m so fancy! You already kno-ow – your boobs are so distracting, I can’t get my laundry done.¬†Hummed to Iggy Azalea’s Fancy, obviously.

3. The Nap


Kill two birds with one stone; hide your offended eyes and catch a few Z’s. Being offended for no reason has never been more relaxing.

4. The Disposable

Umkehrer/ Shutterstock

Don’t you hate it when you are at a restaurant trying to eat in peace and someone across the room or at a neighboring table has the NERVE to feed her hungry infant? How can you enjoy your meal while that is going on? Carry around one of these disposable breastfeeding cover-ups (aka masking tape) and eat your meal undisturbed – as nature intended.

5. The Tie

Prod-akszyn/ Shutterstock

Nothing passive aggressively says, “I’m pissed” quite like disrobing in front of a breastfeeding mother and using your own accessory to shield your eyes from her offending boobs. I also recommend making this face.

6. The Boobs

boob blindfold

Fight fire with fire, AM I RIGHT? Next time your delicate constitution is shocked by the site of a breastfeeding mother, just whip out of these boobie blindfolds and give her a taste of her own medicine. She probably won’t be offended, but you get boobs on your face — and since you’re so obsessed with them it’s kinda perfect.

7. The Pashmina

Rob Bayer/ Shutterstock

You have boobs and you even used them for feeding your children – but you are still offended by the site of a mother doing the same. Whip out your Pashmina and dramatically drape it over your eyes. That’ll show her.

8. The Environmentalist

mikeledray/ Shutterstock

Reusable, recyclable, classic. A paper bag will do the trick. Might be hard to eat under that cover, but you’ll make do.

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