If You’re So Uncomfortable With Me Breastfeeding In Public, Stop Looking, Weirdo

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You don’t like me breastfeeding in public? Well, too bad. It’s legal. You’re shit out of luck. Don’t look.

I’m seriously so sick of this conversation I can’t even stand it anymore. Woman gets held in contempt of court for bringing her breastfeeding child to jury duty. Woman gets accosted at a recreation center by another woman for breastfeeding. Facebook bans images of women breastfeeding. Seriously? Do we have anything better to do with our time than decide to confront a woman performing a biological necessity instead of just looking the other way?

We live in a culture that glorifies the female body, but only when it’s sexualized, thin enough, young enough – and displayed for the titillation of men. Oh, and we don’t like nipples. Giant boobs are okay – just no nipples.  A two-second nipple slip on a breastfeeding woman is enough to make some people lose their minds.  I don’t find that sexy and/or your boobs are saggy so put that shit away. No one wants to see that. What did you say? Your baby is hungry? I don’t care. What’s really important here is my comfort and nipples that aren’t attached to fake sexualizes boobs creep me out. Mmkay? Thanks. 

If you are bothered by the site of a woman feeding her child – the most natural thing in the world – just keep it to yourself. Or get some therapy. Or both.

We send women such mixed signals about this. First, we shove the necessity of it down their throats the entire time they are pregnant, in the form of breastfeeding posters and educational materials that guilt trip them into believing if they don’t do it they’re horrible mothers. Then, when the woman actually agrees it’s best for her baby – we inform her that we don’t want to see it. It’s inappropriate all of a sudden. Put those tits away!

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