This Mom’s Abundant Milk Supply Nearly Choked Her Baby to Death

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As a woman who was never able to produce enough breastmilk for my babies, I was always envious of moms who had an abundant supply. I never realized that there can be complications and even risks to a breastfeeding baby when their mom produces too much milk. A new mom got the scare of her life when her infant son choked on breastmilk while breastfeeding. Her sweet baby is okay now, but she’s raising awareness so this doesn’t happen to other moms.

On the Facebook page Breastfeeding Mama Talk, Rebecca Taylor shared her scary experience feeding her son.

“Scariest day of my life by far.”

Taylor was breastfeeding her infant son when she noticed he was having a hard time catching his breath. He was soon limp and turning blue, prompting her to call 911. After being rushed to the emergency room in an ambulance, her “teeny tiny new baby was hooked up to an oxygen mask with all sorts of tubes and codes being called out.”

Luckily for Taylor, her son was soon okay, but the situation left her shaken. “I breastfed my daughter for 18 months & nothing like his ever happened to us,” she wrote on Facebook. “I was told by a lactation consultant that I have a strong let down and maybe an oversupply and maybe I should be feeding him laying down or to push down on my breast to stop the flow.” She was also stunned to find out that this wasn’t a freak accident, and that babies choking on breastmilk is actually fairly common.

The commenters on Breastfeeding Mama Talk had a lot of helpful hints for Taylor and other moms like her. One mom suggested she see a speech pathologist who specializes in infant feeding to have her son evaluated. Sometimes these things can be corrected with positioning, but other times it’s an issue with the baby. Another mom recommended block feeding — the practice of restricting the baby to one breast for three-hour or longer blocks of time — to help signal to the body to produce less milk. Another popular tip was laid-back nursing, where the baby lays on top of the mom to nurse.

So glad Taylor’s baby is okay!

(Image: Facebook / Breastfeeding Mama Talk)