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10 Cutest Kids In Cosplay

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Today is the first day of Comic Con, so you know what that means: cosplayers.

If you don’t know, cosplay is short for costume play, and is particularly popular among nerds. I say this with love, of course, because I am married to a massive nerd who makes his living nerding, and you just don’t bite the nerd that feeds you. Cosplay isn’t just throwing on a polyester cape from Party City, either. It takes dedication and skill and some cosplay is seriously nutso good.

I love cosplay.

I don’t really have a favorite character that I’d like to cosplay, except maybe Pam Poovey from Archer because it would give me an excuse to walk around with green Russians all day (not that I don’t do that already, it’s just now I would have an excuse).

To kick off Comic Con the right way, I scoured the internet looking for adorable cosplay kids, which is a strenuous and backbreaking job, I know. But I do it for you guys, okay? In the course of doing this, I came to the conclusion that really, cosplay is the only reason to have kids at all.

1. Chun-li from Streetfighter

Okay, so this is an old picture, but you can’t make a list of the most adorable kids in cosplay without talking about this teeny tiny ass kicker.

2. Russel from Up

kids in cosplay

I’ve actually got everyone’s favorite happycry movie up in the background as I write this and I can barely see through my tears right now. Russel is my favorite and this little kid channels him perfectly.

3. Voltron from Voltron: Defender of The Universe

I have so much love for this little girl. Between her completely accurate Voltron costume and that amazing look on her face, there is so much squee.

4. Link and Zelda from Zelda

That dress! That shield! I try my hardest to make my daughter the costumes that she likes with as much attention to detail as possible, but I’m not sure that I love her this much.

5. A Little Sister from Bioshock

This is so creepily adorable, and Bioshock is such a good game. I want to meet the parents that are cool enough to do this.

6. Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon

She even has the little rose earrings! Also, I might have to steal her shoes from her. It will be as easy as stealing shoes from a child.

7. Finn from Adventure Time

Any child who dresses up as a character from Adventure Time is already about four million times cooler than most of the adults in my life.

8. Boo from Monsters, Inc.

I need my child to go back in time to when she was tiny so that I can dress her up like Boo. Why did no one tell me this was an option?

9. An Ewok from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

via E. Baxter

via E. Baxter

D’AWWW look at that Ewok. Look at him RIGHT NOW.

10. Om Nom from Cut The Rope


Ohmygosh, this child is super duper adorable, right? Isn’t the costume amazeballs? Whoever made that costume has such skill, such grace! Okay, that’s my kid, but she’s still cute as fuck, right?

Oh, and p.s., if you have a much more adorable kid that you’ve put in cosplay and you wanted to share a picture of them, I think we can all agree that that would be fabulous.