Offensive Breastfeeding Mother Kicked Out Of Casino Lobby For Feeding Her ‘Security Threat’ Baby

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breastfeeding mom kicked out of casino

Before you let out your sanctimonious cries of “But why did she bring her baby to a  casino?!” just take a minute to digest that headline, will ya? A baby was allegedly referred to as a “security threat.” By a casino. A BABY. BY A CASINO. Yeah, just let that settle in for a second. Good? Good. Let’s move on.

Alanna Panas, a mom on vacation in Ocean City,  was getting ready to enjoy some much-needed adult time at the Casino at Ocean Downs lobby. But she had to feed her baby first, because you know, they get hungry and stuff. WEIRD. Alanna’s mom was already watching said baby tyrant nearby for about an hour or so while Alanna and her boyfriend could have a little fun at the casino, but during that time the baby had exhausted the last of the milk supply (ugh, babies are the worst). So grandma swung by the casino so Alanna could breastfeed in the parking lot.

“It wasn’t until my mom had left and I was standing in the lobby with Lilly that I realized I didn’t have my car keys,” Panas said.

So she texted her boyfriend to come down and meet her with his set of keys. So she could shield those exhibitionist breasts of hers and feed her child in a cold car, far enough away from the moral righteousness of a casino. And because babies are just so inconvenient, Alanna’s baby kept crying so Alanna did what any mom would do and said “eff it” (I imagine) and decided to feed her hungry baby right there. But when she began to breastfeed in the empty lobby, she was approached by casino security and told to leave the building immediately.

“They told me that Lilly was a security threat.”

I’m probably required to mention that blah blah Maryland casino gaming laws state that individuals under the age of 21 are not permitted on the gaming floor blah blah. But this was a lobby, and while I can’t be positively certain because I wasn’t there, I don’t think the baby was trying to pass by security with a fake ID and play a couple hands of Blackjack.

The casino posted the following on their Facebook page:

“Casino at Ocean Downs strives to make our guests’ experiences enjoyable, and if any member of our team acted in a manner that did not promote that experience, we apologize. We will be reaching out to Ms. Panas directly to discuss her concerns.”

But still, I think we can all agree this could have easily been avoided. The “security threat” thing is just the icing on this ridiculous cake. Alanna agrees.

“They called me and said they were apologizing but really they just made me feel worse,” Panas said. “They just basically said it was Lilly and my fault.”

Thanks for being a beacon of principle, Casino at Ocean Downs. Your moral compass truly points due north.

(Photo: USA Today/Alanna Panas)