Thank God Someone Stopped This Exhibitionist From Breastfeeding At Kmart

breastfeeding-controversyA young woman clearly trying to catch a quick thrill by briefly (maybe) exposing her nipples while in line at Kmart was quickly put in her place. We can thank the gods of decency, and a Kmart worker, for quickly coming to the rescue.

Angelica Williams was feeding her 3-month-old McKenzie while waiting to checkout at Kmart last week. She was using a breastfeeding cover so the tiny baby was completely under wraps, as were McKenzie’s offending breasts. Clearly she brought that giant wrap to draw attention to herself. Luckily, a Kmart worker noticed the spectacle and quickly responded.

“I was feeding in the checkout line and some lady had come up to me and asked me to go into the bathroom and feed the baby,” Williams said. Well, duh. Why easily breastfeed your tiny baby while standing in line when you can stop everything you’re doing, go into a filthy public bathroom during flu season, and do it there?

Fox 23 reached out to the store for comment, but the manager they got on the phone says “she wasn’t working when it happened so she didn’t have a comment.” Breastfeeding is legal anywhere in Tulsa, but let’s see what Kmart’s website has to say about the wild, disruptive, rebellious act:

When it comes to the best nourishment for a growing child, nothing beats a mother’s milk. Breastfeeding provides all the vitamins and nutrients your little one needs without the expense of formulas or supplements…You’ll find all the breastfeeding supplies you need for a healthy baby at Kmart! Just remember, don’t actually attempt this in a store. Do it in the privacy of your own home, you trollop.

Okay, okay —  I made the last two lines up. They forgot to add them, so I helped out.

When will women stop trying to draw attention to themselves by feeding their hungry children? At least there still exist plenty of people dumb enough to ignore the laws that stand firmly on a breastfeeding mother’s side, and harass her anyway. They are the true guardians of justice.

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