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10 New Year’s Resolutions We Wish The Duggars Were Making

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Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and the Duggars are on my miiiind. Just like everyone else, this family could stand to self-improve in the New Year. Since it would appear that they think they have it all figured out already, I thought I would make some suggestions for them.

1. Ease Up On The Homophobia

rainbow flag


As we saw earlier this year with Michelle’s gross display involving a tragically misinformed robo-call, the Duggars are not exactly the most accepting of the LGBTQ community. Wouldn’t it be nice if they let it go next year and just worried about their own sex lives?

2. Try Other Fabrics

mom jeans


Give denim a break– it’s so tired from all that hard work helping the Duggarettes stay modest.

3. Have Some Humility



Jim Bob’s awful reaction to the petition to take his show off the air shows that he could stand to eat a slice of humble pie. Class it up in the new year, Boob.

4. Buy New, Screw The Difference

going shopping


This one is for Jana, Jinger and the other girls still waiting for a husband and living at home. Buying used is cool and all but wouldn’t it be nice for these girls to take some of that TLC money that the invasion of their privacy helped earn and go shopping at the mall? I can dream.

5. No More Tater Tot Casserole



As we saw from The Paunch this year,(*cough* doughnut burger *cough*) the Duggar diet could use some tweaking. Be not afraid of vegetables, buddy.

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