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We Can’t Continue To Make Fun Of The Homophobic, Moronic Duggar Family If They Are Taken Off The Air‏

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5th Annual Values Voter Summit

It’s real talk time about my beloved Duggar family and their show that I recap every week19 Kids and Counting. I know we all laugh week in and week out at the exploits of these differently-minded people and how hilarious/awful it is that they want to repopulate the earth with their babies. All along, I hope it has been obvious that while I am entertained by their shenanigans, I do not agree with their views on abortion, gay marriage, family planning and about 12,000 other things. Just because I watch the show does not mean I agree with or support their views. I will concede that I “support” them by contributing to their ratings by watching their show but I can’t help that this “alternative” lifestyle is fascinating to me. It is on, so I watch it. Whether that is right or wrong, I cannot say.

All of that said, the family is now under fire as a Change.org petition is being circulated to cancel their TV show because of their views against the LGBT community. As much as I completely agree that giving the Duggars a platform with their TV show is probably not TLC’s best move, I can’t say that I think the show should be canceled. Namely, because other than ditching the TV show, it won’t change much of anything. The Duggars are already famous and even if the show is canceled, they still will be. They are interviewed by major media outlets every week. They are all over social media. They’ve written several best-selling books. They already have a super dedicated fan base. Pulling the show now would not change any of that and would likely only serve to rally their existing fans around them to protect their “free speech.”

The problem with the family’s views on these topics is not necessarily that they have them to begin with- although I find it abhorrent that anyone feels the way that they do about homosexuality. The beef that the petition signers have is the fact that their show gives them a very public platform and has made them incredibly famous. They are not just some reality TV family in whom our interest wanes between seasons. They are legitimately famous. They are on the cover of People magazine for every marriage and pregnancy, in the manner of Brangelina or Beyonce. This translates to a lot of clout and visibility. And boy, are they using it.

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