A Definitive Ranking Of La Croix Flavors

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#14: LEMON

Image: Instagram/@lacroix

Next up, we have the plain old lemon flavor of LaCroix, which, for all intents and purposes, should be delicious. Most of us enjoy a nice slice of lemon in our ice waters (when we aren’t thinking about how germy and gross said slices probably are, or maybe that’s just me and my many warnings from sisters who have worked as waitresses in the past), so it would only make sense that we would then enjoy a refreshing tall glass of lemony goodness. And sometimes, a lemon LaCroix really can tickle the taste buds in just the right way. But other times, it just seems to be a little, well, lacking. There are just so many other delicious flavor varieties of lemon to enjoy that it’s hard to rank this one any higher.

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