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18 Traits Of A School Bully, And How To Watch Your Kid For Them

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School Bully Traits

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In media, the school bully is usually the giant brute who pushes kids into lockers or steals kid’s lunch money. If the bully is a female, she is a popular girl who has an exclusive clique. She picks on students who are outside the clique. However, being a school bully is more multifaceted than that. Some school bullies may be the less-popular kids in school who retaliate because they got bullied by other students before. And many children with bullying tendencies are not aware that their behavior is negative or malicious. Therefore, it is especially important for parents to observe and check their children’s behavior. Otherwise, it could continue way into their childhood and adolescence.

It is important to serve as a role model for your children. You must also make sure that your children are surrounded by positive role models. Some children develop negative tendencies from watching their parents argue in the home or from being bullied by older siblings. Some children develop negative characteristics from watching TV shows that are inappropriate for young children without knowing right from wrong. And some children become bullies from hanging out with children who have a negative influence on them. Here are traits to look for when seeing whether your child has characteristics of a bully:

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