16 Fascinating Facts About Makeup In Prison

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makeup prison

Image: Netflix

Wearing makeup in prison has been more of a topic of conversation since the  TV series, Orange is the New Black came on the scene. Makeup and hair have played a pivotal role on the show since the very beginning.  From Piper’s distressed tresses, and Sophia’s many attempts to feminize her looks and numerous inmates expressing their individuality through improvising with whatever they had on had to achieve their desired looks. Now most prisons’ are not like what you see on Orange is the New Black, and they have limited access to hair products as well as makeup, and they’re only way is make do with that they can get their hands on which is a lot less than the ladies on TV.

Makeup creativity called “fake-up” has become a phenomenon, and women have found fascinating ways in using whatever is available to them to create bronzers, lipstick, glosses, and other cosmetic products. They use food, household products, and many that you would probably wouldn’t even think of to use. Here are 16 fascinating facts about makeup in prison from what they are using, to why they wear it and more. Some of them are somewhat surprising!

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