10 Reasons Having 2 Kids Under 2 Is Something To Celebrate, Not Just Survive

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For some moms, having two children under two years old is planned and for some, it is a surprise. Mine was a little of both. I was down an ovary after having my daughter and we weren’t sure how it would affect my future fertility. We threw caution to the wind the month before she turned one and low and behold, I found out I was pregnant again on her first birthday. I know how babies are made so I can’t say I was shocked, but it definitely happened a lot faster than I would have thought and I was nervous of how it would go. There were some difficult phases but overall, I am now thrilled with their age difference. I think it’s easy to rattle off reasons having children that close in age is hard so I thought I would go the other way. Here are some great perks of having two kids under two:

1. It’s great to “get it all over with” at once.

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The newborn phase can be so difficult and the idea of waiting years in between and settling into the ease of older children only to start over sounds tough. You don’t get a chance to know life after the baby phase when you just start it up again right away with another kid!

2. Your baby items all stay current.

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Car seats expire and safety standards and recalls are changing all the time. The closer the space between your kids, the better the chances that all of your baby stuff is up to code.

3. You never get used to sleeping before the next kid comes.

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Now that my kids are seven and five, the idea of returning to the newborn days of no sleep terrifies me. When you settle back in to life with sleep, I imagine it’s hard to go back to not getting any.

4. The kids have a good chance of being buddies.



There are no guarantees and I know plenty of siblings close in age that don’t get along but I suppose chances are better that kids will be friends if they can play together sooner rather than later.

5. You can sell all the baby stuff after a brief period.



I have nowhere I could have stored the exersaucer, crib, swing, giant stroller, etc. between kids. They were all in fairly active use and only stuck in the spare room for a brief period before being put to use again for our second child.

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