STFU Parents: How Not To Talk About The Government Shutdown On Facebook

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Current events has increasingly become a favorite STFU, Parents category to tackle, not only because the news is always relevant, but because I’m so amused by the ways people choose to discuss the news on social media. Parents in particular have a knack for posting borderline inane status updates when gun violence occurs, 9/11 is remembered, or marathon bombings uproot a whole city.

This time around, the government shutdown has inspired a few “classic” parent responses to what is essentially a huge national crisis with international ramifications (that will hopefully get resolved soon). Whether a parent is downplaying the seriousness of the shutdown, ranting nonsensically, or trotting out the old chestnut about moms never getting a day off, each of today’s examples typify how NOT to talk about the government shutdown on Facebook (unless you want your friends to roll their eyes, take a screenshot, and send that screenshot straight to STFU, Parents).

1. Who Run The World? Girls Moms

STFU Parents

Okay, the members of Congress who have effectively shut down the government are acting like a “bunch of babies,” yeah. That would be one way of putting it, if you want to sound like a simpleton mama who likens the federal government shutting down to babies who don’t get their own way or kindergarteners who don’t like to share. You could phrase it like that, if you’re the type who says things like, “Sucking it up and loving every minute of it!!!” with a goofy smile on your face as you fold teeny, tiny articles of clothing and pack school lunches. But to me, it’s a little ridiculous that every time something economically crippling happens in this country, the first thing parents do is yap about comparisons that make no sense.

Yes, it’s true that parenthood is not (or shouldn’t be) a job one can just up and quit, but it’s not, say, the same as a job that involves running the country in order to keep the economy chugging along and allowing people to use state parks they’ve paid for or attending jobs they work to make a living. No one who makes this “mommy/Congress” comparison ever sounds like the shutdown has personally affected them, and that’s what rubs me the wrong way. If it did (and eventually it would, if no negotiations were ever made), I’m guessing these “puddles and crock pots” updates wouldn’t exist.

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