This Mom Is Totally Outraged Over the Names of Eye Shadows in a Makeup Palette

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It’s hard out there for a makeup brand right now! There’s a lot of competition in the market. So brands are trying to set themselves apart in any way they can. Revolution Makeup out of London went a little too far though, and ended up having to wipe egg off their perfectly made-up faces. A mom in the UK is outraged after her 17-year-old daughter brought home an Obsession Obsessive makeup palette with some very inappropriate names. The eye shadow palette was sold at Boots stores, which is sort of like Walgreens. It was also sold on the Revolution website. WAS being the operative word there, because it was pulled faster than you can contour your face.

Angela Fitzsimons couldn’t believe the names used in the makeup palette her daughter purchased. I’m usually pretty meh about faux outrage like this, but … the names were not good.

The product has been pulled, but you can see the palette in the review vid above. The eye shadows in the makeup palette had names like Milf, Foreplay, Sugar Daddy, Vape, Dealer, and Homewrecker. When her daughter brought it home, Angela was shocked. She said, “Grace had been out with her friends and she brought home this palette which she bought with some birthday vouchers. She said they were nice colours but the names were gross. I looked closer and saw they were called things like milf, homewrecker and dealer. It was pretty rank.”

Angela continued, “With a palette priced at £12 it’s not just people my daughter’s age who will be buying this, it’s younger girls. I complained to Boots and they replied that it was not marketed at children but I don’t think that makes a difference. At that price you will get children aged 12, 13, and 14 buying it. Even if they don’t buy it they will be seeing these words.”

She has a point! The palette would sell for a little over $16 here. Considering most makeup palettes retail for at least double that, this would be a very appealing option for young tweens and teens.

A spokewoman for Revolution issued a statement saying, “Obsession is a new brand. While we were experimenting with our personality, we know we haven’t always got things quite right and some of our shade names need work. This is something we’re addressing and fixing as a priority as new products launch and we will not repeat these shades names, or genre of shade names, in future. However, we also want to act now. We are committed to listening to our customers and reacting to feedback at speed. This complaint has made us accelerate our plan and we will remove this product, Obsessive Eyes, from stores and online with immediate effect.”

The makeup palette has been removed from stores and from the company website. Hopefully the next time they name eye shadow, they’ll try to tone down the shock value.

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