20 Important Makeup Tips For Women Over 30

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bridget jones

Image: Universal Pictures

Makeup can be a bit confounding to us regular folks. Sure, we can muster some mascara and blush on most days. But anything beyond that? You may as well ask us to do quantum physics while knitting a blanket. It’s just gotten so extra! Remember the days of blush and tinted moisturizer, with red lips if you were going out after work? it feels like the average makeup routine has gone from 15 minutes to an hour and a half. There are lotions and potions and primers and highlighters. And you’ll think, do I really need all of that?! But once you hit a certain age, it certainly does help. Us women over 30 may not need to latest eye shadow palettes, but a good concealer is our best friend. These makeup tips will take your makeup game from rec league to competition level.

Makeup tips for women over 30 are will benefit us in a few ways. They’re going to be fairly easy and quick, since no one has time to add to their regular routine. A lot of them you can do with makeup you already have in your arsenal (although you may have to add a few key items). And most importantly, they’re going to help us look fresher, younger, and like we know what we’re doing! Obviously, plenty of you probably DO know what you’re doing. But it can’t hurt to rotate a few of these tips into your routine to maximize your talents, right? And no one is saying we all want to look like we’re 23 again (although that would be lovely). Aging is a beautiful thing, and you should embrace every fine line and gray hair. But those giant bags under our eyes can GTFO.

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