9 Types Of Mom I Swore I’d Never Be

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a photoFive years into parenthood and sometimes I still feel like I’m getting to know myself as a mother. But the truth is, who I am as a mother is fluid. It’s ever-changing and often situational. I’ve morphed into so many different versions of myself at different points in my parental journey: most of which, I swore I’d never be. Some of it is regrettable, just part of the unending learning experience that is parenthood. But while pre-kids I would’ve thought “I’d die before I’d do x,y,z,” now it’s more like, oh well, just another day in the life!

Here’s just a few of the moms I’ve been that I swore I’d never be and have somehow turned into…

The Broken Record Mom

Small children are rarely patient. So when you find yourself in a situation that requires even a small amount of waiting, Broken Record Mom is bound to come out. She’s annoying, she’s desperate and she makes everyone in the vicinity grind their teeth as she repeats the same two or three phrases over and over to her non-listening kids. I became this mom recently while at the doctors office when what I thought would be a fifteen minute visit for a baby to get a nose swab turned out to be about 1.5 hours. As I repeated “Get off the floor” to my 4-year-old at least 7000 times and the receptionist’s stare lingered a little longer with every utterance, all I could think of was Will Ferrell in front of a grill yelling “GET OFF THE SHED!” Anyone?

The Zombie Mom

I certainly had my fair share of staying up all night before I had kids. The only difference is that when you don’t have kids, there’s bound to come an opportunity to sleep and sleep long and hard. Now as the mother of two kids, one of whom is an infant who hates sleep, staying up all night happens a couple of times a week, but there is never, I mean never, an opportunity to reclaim those lost hours of rest. It piles on and on and on until I am missing events, canceling plans and having excessively TMI conversations with the cashier at the grocery store.

The Helicopter Mom

Before preschool, I swore I’d be out the door in a flash, not one of those parents lingering around the hallway for twenty minutes. Hell no! Hello, I’ve got shit to do. But the very first time the waterworks started up just as I was about to make my escape, somehow I felt like the worst mom on the planet. I definitely wasted quite a few mornings traipsing by the classroom door making sure everything was okay instead of driving my pathetic ass home.

The Mom Who Wants To Talk About Birth

Oh I’m sorry. You didn’t want to know about my birth? Everyone doesn’t love talking about birth? But.. it’s BIRTH. HUMAN CREATION. Empowering… amazing… life affirming… shit, I’m doing it again…

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