‘Milk My Baby’ And 15 Other WTF Baby, Pregnancy And Parenting Apps

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As the owner of multiple electronic devices that all can play Plants Versus Zombies (1&2), I enjoy a fun app as much as the next person. But do you know what isn’t fun? Any of these amazingly bizarre apps that have to do with babies, parenting or childrearing. Here are some of the strangest I have found.

1: Milk My Baby 


(image: amazon)













What is this how do we milk a baby are babies cows? Looking at the other images from this app, I can assume it is some sort of breastfeeding thing because it also includes a recipe for Goat Milk baby formula.

2: Baby Nursery Decorating Tips!

(Image: Amazon)

(Image: Amazon)



















Sure, maybe this app offers some amazing tips for decorating your nursery, but judging by the main app image I don’t have a lot of confidence in the aesthetic ideals of these app developers.

3: Hidden Object – Babies In Dreamland 

(Image: amazon)

(Image: amazon)



















I Iove a good seek and find game, but looking at the other images from this app gives me a little concern:



FIND THE GAS CONTAINER AND THE MASKING TAPE THEY ARE BY THE BABY! These app developers need to learn some childproofing.


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