A Definitive Ranking Of La Croix Flavors

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Image: Lacroixwater

The colorful LaCroix flavors, guilt-free branding, and refreshing taste have inspired many different uses for La Croix, from being used as a low-cal mixer for alcoholic drinks to even adding some zing to baked treats. La Croix sparkling water may not be the magical, mystical product it was when it first burst on the scene with all its bubbly, no-calorie goodness, but the beverage is still a cult favorite for many. Soda lovers have been able to ditch their evil carbonated ways but still get that carbonated feel that they crave, dieters can enjoy guzzling the treat down without it counting towards the calorie allotment for the day, and anyone on an all-natural diet can feel assured by La Croix’s claim that all of their flavors are 100% natural. Yup, love it or hate it, La Croix is here to stay.

Fortunately for La Croix lovers, the beverage line has expanded its flavors from its early days (when it even offered just plain old sparking water with no flavor, can you imagine?) and fans can enjoy a wide array of flavors and flavor combinations. But just what are the best La Croix flavors? Let’s take an official look at all of La Croix’s offerings, with a definitive ranking of the best La Croix flavors, from top to bottom.

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