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18 of the Most Outdated Pieces of Parenting Advice We’ve Ever Heard

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There’s nothing like the deluge of parenting advice when you have a kid. Everyone and their grandmother suddenly knows what’s best, right? And while the majority of people who offer advice are well-intentioned, some of the advice they’re throwing out there is not great. Not BAD, but more past it’s prime. Outdated parenting advice seems to never go away, because if it was good enough for your mom and her mom, it’s good enough for you! Except it’s not. When we know better, we do better. And as far as these 18 pieces of outdated parenting advice go, we definitely know better now.

#1 piece of most outdated parenting advice, hands down: Spare the rod, spoil the child.

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I get it. When our parents were young, they were spanked. By their parents, by teachers, by whomever felt it necessary to dole out some old-fashioned discipline. But most modern parents have chosen to take a different, less violent approach. Weird, right? Who knew you could get your kid to behave without hitting them? Studies have shown that corporal punishment doesn’t work, and can lead to long-lasting negative effects on the child. So the next time someone tells you your kid needs a spanking, tell them to get bent.

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