This Woman Refused to Marry a Guy Who Didn’t Like Her Dog, and She Definitely Made the Right Call

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We all have our foibles, and part of being in a good relationship is learning to accept and deal with each other’s quirks. That said, some things in life are just deal-breakers. A young analyst from India recently found hers, when she called off a marriage because the guy said she would have to gt rid of her dog. Boy, did she ever make the right call!

According to Buzzfeed, Karishma Walia is an analyst from Bengaluru, and she was in talks to enter an arranged marriage with a good-looking young man from a well-to-do family in New Delhi. It seemed like a good match, but being handsome and having family money don’t make a person not an asshole, and this guy definitely turned into one when Walia told him that she wasn’t going to proceed with the marriage after he told her that she would have to get rid of her dog, Lucy.

The whole story could have ended when the dog issue came up and Walia said that she was not willing to compromise on that. Oh well! Didn’t work out. Now they both go their separate ways. But the guy turned out to be one of those people who gets really mean in the face of a totally reasonable and not-personal rejection. (You know, like the people on Bye Felipe. “Wanna hook up?” “Thanks but no, I’m married.” “You stuck-up cunt! Who do  you think you are? You’re ugly anyway!”)

After the guy told Walia that she’d have to get rid of her dog, she said the relationship wouldn’t work out. He then came back, utterly bewildered, and insisted that liking dogs was “just a phase,” and that she was insane about putting her dog before “her life.” And when he says “her life,” he means her marriage to him, apparently. Even though she has a pretty good life. She’s got a great job, a great dog, and a big, loving family, even if right now her family thinks she’s nuts for turning down the handsome rich guy because of a dog.

Walia told Buzzfeed that the dog thing was just the last straw. There had been a series of red flags before that

“He would say things like ‘family should be a priority and not career,'” she said. “I gave up when he commented about my dog. I don’t know why my family still thinks he’s an eligible bachelor.”

She’d been talking to him for a while at that point, and he’d come off as controlling and arrogant. When he brought up the dog, that was the last straw. And at this point it sounds like a power play on his part, anyway. If he had no allergies or health reasons to object to the dog, and no fear of dogs or anything like that, then most normal people would be like, “Eh, dogs aren’t really my thing, but that’s OK.” But making the dog a zero-tolerance issue makes it sound like he was looking to get her to submit to his will right off the bat.For him, it seemed to be less about the dog and more about her unwillingness to give the dog up.

The bizarre thing is that he then started insulting her constantly, but also kind of trying to get her to change her mind. Because nothing makes a woman change her mind about being with you than suddenly turning into a raving asshole.

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