Who Is This Masked Woman?

hidden mother photo

This photo kind of gives me nightmares, but apparently having your mom’s face concealed with a thick drape was all the rage back in the 19th century. At least for the sake of portraits, it was.

The “Hidden Mother” phenomenon, as it’s called, has masked mothers holding their infants on their lap during a photo shoot. Most of the images are then cropped so that it doesn’t look quite so creepy, but flipping through the originals like this one above is downright fun. They’re just so fascinating!

Turns out there’s an entire “Hidden Mother” Flickr pool out there, which the kind folks at Flavowire turned us on to. They’re worth checking out, especially in this season of holiday portraits (the Kardashians especially should take note). Here are a couple more and you’ll see what we mean!

(Photos. flavorwire.com)

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