Ulta Beauty Accused of Cleaning, Repackaging, and Reselling Used Makeup

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Well, this is disgusting. A person on Twitter, who claims to be a former Ulta Beauty employee, made some pretty horrifying accusations against the company. According to Twitter user Fatinamxo, during her time at Ulta, she was routinely instructed by management to clean, repackage, and resell used products that had been returned by customers. On a related note, Sephora just got like, thousands of new customers.

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The former Ulta Beauty employee laid out some of the ways in which they would “fix” returned products to be resold. The thread is eye-opening, in a “holy shit that’s disgusting” sort of way.

You know a thread is going to be good when it starts out like this. “Behind closed doors” can be very good, but is usually very, very bad. In the case of Ulta Beauty, it is very, very bad. Makeup lovers, buckle up. Things are about to get bumpy.

Just jumped right in with both feet, didn’t they?

According to Fatinamxo, employees would clean the tops of foundations like the ones pictured, and then put them back on the sales floor. I’m assuming they would only do this for foundation sticks that hadn’t been used very much? But either way, fuck that.

Remember a few months ago, when a woman claimed to have gotten herpes from using a sample lipstick? THIS IS LIKE THAT BUT WORSE. You should know better than to use a sample lipstick on your actual goddamn lips. But when you something that was packaged and on the sales floor, you assume that it’s never been used.

Ulta has responded to the accusations. In a statement to TODAY Beauty, a spokesperson for the company said, “We do not allow the resale of used or damaged products. Our store associates are trained to catalogue and then properly dispose of any used or damaged items. If associates have concerns that this or any Ulta Beauty policy is not being followed, they can anonymously report it through our third-party hotline. Our policies, training and procedures are aimed at ensuring that only the highest-quality products are sold in our stores and online.”

So, just a heads up if you’re planning on buying makeup from Ulta Beauty any time soon: open your selections before leaving the store, and check that shit out with a magnifying glass. You never know.

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