Seeing Disney’s Gaston Arm-Wrestling This Little Girl Will Make You Convert Your IRA Into Disney Dollars

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Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 18.15.07Once I had a baby I figured I would be taking a Disney vacation someday, but not for many years. My daughter is just an infant, and if I’m going to go to Disney I figure I should go when she’d most enjoy and remember it. But now I’m looking up flights to California and Disney pass information, because I must meet Disney’s hot Gaston.

Just a few days ago, a brave parkgoer challenged Disney’s Gaston to a push-up contest and was thoroughly bested. I mean, that’s what happens when you challenge a man who is roughly the size of a barge to a push-up contest. But that was just the start of Disney’s viral Gaston, because not long after the push-up contest, a brilliant little girl challenged him to an arm-wrestling contest, and you have to see the way this one goes down.


For starters, this little girl is sharp as a tack. She brought along a mirror to distract Gaston with his own reflection, and then the way she actually wins the arm-wrestling contest is hilarious. It doesn’t even look like Gaston lost on purpose.

I predict a significant increase in visits to Gaston’s Tavern from now on. I can already hear my daughter whining, “Moooooooom! I want to go ride Space Mountain!”

“No you don’t sweetie, you want to meet Gaston. You should challenge him to something. I know! Challenge him to pick up your mom.”

 Photo: YouTube