You Can Now Rock LaCroix Bathing Suits This Summer, In Case You Weren’t Basic Enough

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Oh, I really wish I didn’t want one of these so badly. Because I would be 70% embarrassed to wear one, and 30% totally fucking jazzed. LaCroix sparkling water is pretty much the height of basic. I accept that, and I do not care, because I love LaCroix in a very big way. Yes, it’s just sparkling water. And sure, some people think it tastes like ass (they are wrong, but I digress). I don’t like flat water, and rather than nourish my body with vodka, I rely on my LaCroix. But even I have to sort of roll my eyes at these LaCroix bathing suits. Full disclosure: I will probably roll my eyes as I’m clicking “complete purchase” on a pamplemousse one.

LaCroix bathing suits are basically made for the ‘gram. Let’s be honest, people are going to be taking pictures of themselves holding their LaCroix wearing the matching bathing suit all summer long.


The line of LaCroix swimwear from Publicspace comes in men’s and women’s, and has five different prints. Flavors? I don’t know. You can buy one-pieces or swim trunks in Pamplemousse, Passion Fruit, Lime, Lemon, Cran-Raspberry, and Pure. Why anyone would drink Pure is beyond me, but I’m not judging. I will say the Pure suit is one of the cutest in the line!

lacroix bathing suits

Image: Publicspace

The LaCroix fixation has been an Instagram mainstay for some time now. People love or hate the stuff, but there’s no denying how Instagrammable the cans are!

I’m not super picky about my LaCroix, but I do admit to getting a little testy when my beloved Key Lime is out of stock. But in general, I just love me some fucking sparkling water. LaCroix? Yep. Bubbly? I drink it. Perrier? When I’m feeling fancy, sure. There’s even a caffeinated sparkling water called Phocus, and I’ve had it and it’s amazing.

But do I love LaCroix enough to WEAR LaCroix? Honestly, probably. Now to decide between pamplemousse and passion fruit.

(Image: Publicspace)