Ted Cruz Finds Out the, Um, Hard Way That Trending on Twitter Isn’t Always Good

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Ted Cruz, failed presidential candidate and hobgoblin, had quite the Monday night! The Twitter night shift was doing what it does, when someone stumbled across something Ted “liked” from his official account. Now, even the shit he normally likes is gross, but this one was quite special. Seems ol’ Ted Cruz “accidentally” liked a tweet from an account called @SexuallPosts. The post contained a very NSFW video of some very NSFW sexual activities.

Well, as you can imagine, Twitter lost it’s goddamn mind. And it was glorious.

ted cruz

Image: Twitter/@tedcruz

Justice, she was swift. And she showed no mercy.

The tweet he’s quoting came from Ted’s old college roommate, Craig Mazin. He famously roasted Ted during the primaries, with gems like this one.


I believe that’s what’s referred to as an evergreen tweet, yes?

Once word spread that Ted Cruz was busy liking sex posts from his official account, Twitter went ALL THE WAY IN. I swear, I know that platform can be a pain in the ass, but there is nothing better than Twitter when shit like this goes down.

The like was up for nearly an hour. That is terribly sad and absolutely hilarious. No one likes you, Ted Cruz!

Sadly, the fun had to come to an end. Someone finally figured out that it was weird for that gremlin to be trending on 9/11 and removed the offending like. Of course, per the “oh shit I fucked up on social media” handbook, the like was blamed on hackers. Or ghost Twitter, it’s pretty unclear.

Not sure how a like can be posted to someone else’s account, but okey dokey, Catherine! It was fun while it lasted, and we’ll always have this exchange to remember the event.


Always thank your fans! Never change, Twitter.

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(Image: Twitter/@tedcruz)