STFU Parents: 5 Types Of Royal Baby Facebook Updates

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This week, Royal Baby Madness took center stage — at least, in my STFU, Parents inbox it did — as millions of people anticipated the birth of William and Kate’s baby, finally. After what felt like two years of waiting, the world was given its Simba. Some people were so consumed with the Royal Baby, they even found time to criticize the new parents on their car seat usage, proving once again that parenthood today comes chock full o’ judgment whether you’re a plebeian or official royalty. Ah, modernity! Social media gives us all the ability to comment on everything, and the discussion surrounding the Royal Baby’s highly publicized birth was no exception.

So in that spirit, it seems most appropriate to dedicate this week’s column to the ways in which some parents acknowledged the birth of Prince George of Cambridge on Facebook. Weighing in on popular subjects on social media is already a habitual pastime for many, but what amuses me are the various “angles” that people take in order to be a part of the conversation. You can’t just say, “Congrats to Will and Kate!” and go about your day. Where’s the fun in that? Or rather, where’s the “me” in that? Let’s check out some ways parents infused a little bit of themselves into this week’s Royal Baby story.

1. Projecting

STFU ParentsSome women, like Kristy, took one look at their TV screens and instantly flashed back to their own labor and delivery experiences. Then, after comparing those experiences to Duchess Kate’s, they decided once again that it sucks not being royalty and took to Facebook.

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