Gaggle Of BabyCenter Sanctimommies Want You To Know That Kate And Will Used Their Baby’s Car Seat Incorrectly

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royalbabycarseatAll eyes were notably on Kate Middleton and Prince William as they sauntered down the hospital steps with their newborn George Alexander Louis. So it’s rather predictable that among myself, Eve Vawter, and the rest of the world, there was also the Mommy Police — also known as the rabid Internet mommies who are checking your baby’s car seat in your Facebook photos. Will and Kate. They’re just like us!

A BabyCenter piece entitled “Will and Kate’s royal car seat mistake” takes the couple to task for not strapping Prince George the correct way:

As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge left the hospital today royal-watchers around the world saw a happy couple, a new baby, and the future of the royal succession secured. Watching any new mom and dad with their day-old baby is a joy, even if you aren’t too keen on the whole Royal thing.

But moms in the BabyCenter community noticed something else. Something that only another mom would spot – the new prince was strapped into his car seat in a manner that doesn’t seem to meet UK car seat safety recommendations. says, “Make sure the seat’s harness (if it has one) is correctly adjusted for your child. It should be quite tight, so that only one or two fingers can fit between the child’s chest and harness.”

That’s right! While the rest of us saw a glowing K Middy and very proud Prince William who was festively making cracks about his own lack of hair, the sanctimommies of the world looked over and thought YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG. According to a thread over at the BabyCenter Community, the conversation started like this:

royalbabycenter1Predictably, the rest of the BabyCenter gaggle chimed in:


royalbabycarseatcommentthread2Bringing up Prince William’s dead mother to make a point about child safety? One hundred percent klass.

While BabyCenter does eventually advocate for “cut(ting) them some slack” as new parents, one commenter muses on why the sanctimommy parade took note in the first place:

I think this has gained attention by BC moms, because many of them are judgmental a-holes. They weren’t in the car with Kate and Will, so how on earth would they know? I’m sure the new parents only wanted to swiftly get him in the car because of all the craziness around them.

Once I posted a picture of my newborn (only 5 weeks ago actually) in his because he had a silly hat on. Someone actually called me out for his straps being too loose. Calm down- I always loosen his straps when placing him in and taking him out of his seat. That was the case! I had just pulled into the parking lot and (while in the car *GASP*) I loosened his straps because I was taking him out.

Welcome to parenthood, Will and Kate. You’re officially parents now.

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