10 Parents Who Are Completely Over Potty Training

It’s a little more than half way through summer (depending on when your kid starts school), and according to our resident Bad Mom Advice columnist, that means that all you toddler mommies and daddies should be knee-deep in potty training woes. It’s no pants weather after all, which suggests that you’ve been running around with plastic potties and stickers while your little one narrates their evacuated bowels.

But according to the Twittersphere, you’re not the only one who is on the verge of potty training breakdown:

1. The perpetual holding of junk


2. Time to mainline Advil


3. Touchepottytrainingtweet3

4. Bonus points for creativitypottytrainingtweet45. An activity for the whole family pottytrainingtweet5

6. Almost a haikupottytrainingtweet6

7. Copy thatpottytrainingtweet78. Seriously take this one down

pottytrainingtweet89. You’ve been warned pottytrainingtweet910. With visuals! pottytrainingtweet10

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